October 4th-6th, 2024


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2023 CanAm DanceSport Gala Ballroom dance championships in Toronto, Ontario, hosting the North American Championships in international style, American style, ballroom dance and Latin dance on October 6th - 8th, 2023

NEW ADDITIONS to this year’s CanAm DanceSport Gala!💥💥

We’re not only celebrating 2023 with the addition of the NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS…CanAm DanceSport Gala has also added more new opportunities for you to compete this year! Enter our GRAND SLAM Championships for the chance to compete against any and all competitors – just you and your competition against the world. 😎🏁

In our pre-competitive category, we’ve added the Kids’ Club Open (ages 0-7) and the Jet Setters’ Club Open (ages 8-15), with more details available on our website! 🥳

Download your entry forms here to register and make sure you’re entered in all the fun new ways to compete this Fall in Toronto. 👏💃🌏

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