October 6th-8th, 2023

Competitor Info

Rules, regulations, and other important information.

Event Location

Westin Harbour Castle Hotel
1 Harbour Square
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6 Canada
Phone: (416) 869-1600
Reservations: +1-800-627-8559
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Contact Information

Can-Am DanceSport Gala
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Registration and Important Information

Recognized by the Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF) and the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC).

Professionals, both male and female, entering Pro or Pro/Am events must be registered with the Canadian DanceSport Federation or their country’s professional organization affiliated to the World Dance Council.

Amateur couples entering amateur events must be registered with the amateur organization of their country of residence. Amateurs competing ONLY in Pro/Am events do not need to register

For studios and groups, upon arrival at the venue, a studio representative should come to the Registration Desk and pick up packages/tickets/heat lists for their studio. Any outstanding balances must be paid before packages can be released.

Competitors are required to register with the Registrar and confirm entries/heat lists. At this time, male competitors’ numbers will be issued. Proof of current registration for Professional competitors and Amateur couples must be established in order to be issued their competitor’s number. Each competitor must be present in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to ones scheduled dance time.

No responsibility for the loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballrooms or hotel rooms can be accepted by Can-Am DanceSport Gala organizers or the C.D.F., nor can they be held liable for injury sustained by persons participating in or attending this event, however caused. Everyone attending does so at his/her own risk.

All persons attending the Can-Am DanceSport Gala as spectators, competitors, guests or officials, shall be bound by C.D.F. rules, and by participating in the event, become automatically obliged to adhere to them.

The organizers have engaged highly qualified adjudicators and scrutineers. The decision of the Chairman of Judges will be final. No judge shall be harassed or questioned about the reasons for marking.

Do you need a Visa?

If you are coming from outside Canada, please check if a Canadian Visa is required and if so, send us a request for an invitation.

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Competition Category and Syllabus Guidelines

In Closed Pro-Am Bronze American Ballroom dances, only “closed” footwork will be permitted – no “continuity” styling.

Lifts are not be permitted in closed and open Pro-Am / Amateur events.

In American Style categories, competitors are permitted to dance steps from Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire or any syllabus recognized by C.D.F. or the N.D.C.A.

A standards judge will observe all restricted closed events. Competitors committing infractions will be penalized.

In Single-Dance Events competitors may dance in 4 consecutive levels in the Closed, and in 3 consecutive levels in Open events.

Changes in categories will not be allowed at the event.

The organizers reserve the right to merge any categories.

There will be separate divisions for ladies and gentlemen in all Pro-Am Single-Dance events.

Can-Am DanceSport Gala reserves the right to cancel any competition with less than 3 entries.

Competitor Attire

Pro/Am Events

Ladies Gentlemen
Newcomer level: Cocktail dresses.
All other levels: Traditional costumes or cocktail dresses are recommended.
Newcomer level: Jacket, Tuxedos and vests.
All other levels: Traditional costumes, Tails etc.

International/Multi-Dance Events

Ladies Gentlemen
Adult/Senior Bronze: Afternoon Dress
Adult/Senior Silver: Optional
Adult/Senior Gold: Traditional Costume
Juvenile up to Junior Bronze: Leotard with sleeves and skirt or simple dress, no trimming
Junior Silver & Gold: Optional
Above Gold: Traditional Costume
Adult/Senior Bronze: Shirt & Tie w/Dark Jacket, Cardigan or Vest
Adult/Senior Silver: Optional
Adult Gold: Traditional Costume
Juvenile up to Junior Bronze: Black Trousers & tie, White shirt
Junior Silver & Gold: Optional
Above Gold: Traditional Costume

For more information see the costume rules (PDF file) on the NDCC web site

Method of Payment

Any form of payment, including e-transfer (Canada only), is acceptable up to September 22nd. All payments made after September 22nd must be in the form of Cashiers Check, Money Order, Credit Card, e-transfer (Canada only) or Cash. eTransfers can be sent to canam.dance@gmail.com. No business or personal checks will be accepted after this date or at the competition. (For credit card charges, a surcharge of 4% needs to be added).

A late entry fee may be applied after September 22nd

Television Taping and Filming

We will consider that everyone who attends this event has, by his or her very presence in the ballroom, consented to the use and release of any video, image or names of those spectators or contestants or persons participating in the floor show who may appear on television or in any of the DVDs for sale.

If any person attending this event has any objection to being recorded or the possibility of being seen in DVDs or digital images, please notify the organizers in writing prior to September 9th.