July 21-25, 2021


Latest Updates and Info

Launch of new website

Can-Am DanceSport Gala has a beautiful new website design for 2015, and a new domain name that’s easier to type into your browser.

Technology changes continually and it was time to update our website so that it looks great on mobile devices. The new site is easy to navigate and view on any device.

We’ve simplified some of the content to make it easier to find things.

Registration forms are now in a format that you can fill out using your computer rather than having to use a pen.

Our new domain name is canam.dance which takes advantage of the new Top Level Domains that came on the market in the past year. The .dance domain will soon become a favorite of the dance community so dancers will be familiar with this extension very soon. And you have even less to type into your browser, making it easier than ever on your smart phone. The old domain, canamdancesport.com will continue to work and takes you to the same place.

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