July 9-12, 2020


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Can-Am part of the Youth DanceSport Series

Fordney Foundation Junior and Youth DanceSport Series

  • US Pre-Teen I: 9th birthday or less (Canada Juvenile 1)
  • US Pre-Teen II: 10th or 11th birthday (Canada Juvenile 2)
  • Junior I: 12th or 13th birthday
  • Junior II: 14th or 15th birthday
  • Youth: 16th, 17th, or 18th birthday

Dance Competitions that feature the World Pro Am Dancesport Series will also feature this series and will allow junior and youth dancesport competitors to accumulate points for ranking beginning and ending with the Ohio Star Ball each November. Tabulation of scoring will begin at the Ohio Star Ball in November 2017 and end at the last event before the Ohio Star Ball 2018 on the WDSS 2018 calendar.

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