August 8-11, 2019


Latest Updates and Info

** Top teacher price money**

Top Teacher Award: $24,200 Total Cash Purse

Cash awards offered to the top ten teachers. To qualify, the teacher, needs to have the minimum number of entries that applies to the particular placement and prize money level. All entries must be received by deadline and paid in full otherwise they will not count towards top teacher awards. “Sharing” students does not qualify both teachers. However, once a teacher qualifies, points will accumulate from all students with whom they dance.

Prize Money Min # Entries
1st $10,000 300
2nd $5,000 250
3rd $3,000 200
4th $2,000 175
5th $1,500 150
6th $1,000 125
7th $700 100
8th $500 75
9th $300 50
10th $200 50



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